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Medical Iphone App: Pros Cons
Skyscape: conglomerate of different apps – calculators, textbooks (Oxford, Emergency Medicine, etc), evidenced-based medicine (Dynamed), American guidelines (AHA, ALS), drug references


  • all-in-one
  • most specialty books, guidelines covered
  • gives possible drug doses
  • up-to-date
  • topics well-presented and concise
  • free updates
  • expensive
  • slow, specific apps are buried under layers of indexes
  • American-based guidelines
  • Users cannot add new information
  • No built in calculator
  • No ability to place favorite references, no ability to suggest favorite references for other people
  • No diagrams
QxMd: conglomerate of different apps – topic specific content: AF guide, pedi stat, h1n1, medspeak


  • Concise, easy-to-understand, good graphics and tables
  • Calculators
  • Quiz function
  • Reasonably priced
  • Separated into different apps
  • Free updates
  • Search function for ECG samples
  • extra payment for additional features  – should be standard!
  • you still to navigate through a lot of indexes to get to information
  • can’t add favorites or add new information
iResus: UK Resuscitation Council Guidelines

  • Free!
  • Free updates
  • Uses good clear diagrams (same ones used in Australia)
  • Option for step-by-step algorithm approach
  • Concise
  • Easy-to-use
  • Ability to zoom in and out of diagrams
  • Suggest drugs
  • No built-in calculator
  • Treatment options not clear – needs more information or clarification (especially in a resus scenario, you need all the clarity you can get)\
  • No search function
WikEM: WikiEmergency Medicine Iphone App – internal notes and checklists passed down from generations of residents (aka – registrars in Australia, UK and British-system countries) of the Harbor –UCLA Emergency Medicine Residency Training Program

  • FREE!
  • Updated almost daily
  • Ideas and “recipes” not quickly found in many textbooks – some are more anecdotal / experience-based
  • Quick access to commonly seen cases in emergency medicine
  • A mix of short descriptions of disease, treatments, and “how-to’s” of EM
  • Ability to add more notes – if you’re a resident or consultant of Harbor UCLA
  • Ability to make a good search for articles
  • No uniform look / design
  • A lot of spelling mistakes and grammatical errors
  • No diagrams
  • Pretty much like reading through Wikipedia on your phone
  • You have to submit corrections or suggestions to a website, administrators will have to add manually
CPR Drugs: one-page, simple app, lists 11 of most commonly used drugs in a resuscitation scenarios in the US

  • Very simple, one-page app
  • Weight-based calculations
  • One click to app, 2 clicks to type, one click to process – FAST in resuscitation scenarios
  • US based, slightly different drugs used in Australian hospitals and experience of doctor
  • No ability to add or subtract drugs
  • No explanations how to use drugs
  • No ability to save the computations done or to label for a name (I guess this app is so simple that you only need the weight anyway)
  • Was previously FREE, but is now removed from the AppStore by Oliver Karam, part of Shann Drug Doses book
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Australia: A Guide for International Medical Graduates
A must-read roadmap to success for any International Medical Graduate considering to practice in Australia!
  • written by an IMG who has firsthand experience
  • in-depth step-by-step explanation of pathways
  • insider tips on writing a curriculum vitae

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