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An overview of paeds training: post-internship (at least PGY2) one can apply to the Royal College of Physicians and register as a trainee.  Basic training is 3 years, comprised of core and non-core rotations. Once you have done at least 24 months of training, you qualify to sit for the RACP written exam (usually held March of every year). The next hurdle is the RACP clinical exam (usually hed July/August). I will talk about these next time.

In recent years, paeds has been gradually getting more popular among local graduates. It is foreseen that getting into a paeds training programme in a couple of years could be more difficult.

OTDs generally are expected to have relevant paediatric experience prior to getting a paediatric job in Oz. In my hospital, majority of the OTDs would have finished at least basic training (or residency) in paeds in their country. It is preferred if you have worked in a western country.

This year, RACP has required OTDs to have full registration (i.e. passed AMC MCQ/clinical and worked at least 1 year in Oz) prior to being accepted as a trainee. Options for those who don’t have these qualifications are to work as an RMO/SHO in paeds or work as a service registrar and not register as a trainee.

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  14 Responses to “Paediatric training in Australia”

  1. Thanks for posting this article! Some of our readers have been wondering about pediatric training here. We will wait for the next installment!

  2. Hello,what is this RMO/SHO….So can a IMG can join the pediatric Residency training without AMC?

  3. new rules now apply – for the Royal College of Physicians – you must at least have full registration (meaning passing both AMC MCQ and Clinicals).

    RMO – resident medical officer (generic term applied to interns, junior house officers, and senior house officers)
    SHO – senior house officer

  4. Hi,
    I am an IMG with 5 years of postgraduate experience in paediatrics from India.This includes two years of postgraduate training as well.I would like to know if I am eligible to apply for registrar post in dept of pediatrics after clearing AMC 1 and IELTS?

  5. yes, you can apply for a paeds registrar post, however, you may not qualify to join the training programme until after you’ve obtained full registration.

  6. Hey, I’m a fifth year medical student in the Middle East, I was looking for my chances to go to Australia and have the Paediatric speciality or training there.
    Also would it help if I have my elective course over there, as I could get an invitation letter from one of the hospitals over there.. thanks

  7. hi !
    I have done 3 years post-graduate course(MD ) in pediatrics from tertiary care teaching hospital in INDIA.I am interested in doing some work in pediatric respiratory subspeciality in australia.Can i get some job or fellowship in this by just clearing AMC part 1 . Please advise

  8. please tell average annual salary of pediatric registrar.

  9. Having an elective course here may indeed increase your chances, specially if you go to the same hospitals that you are planning to apply to.

  10. You can try applying for both registrar and fellowship positions in Paeds. Paeds positions are a bit competitive though that’s why if you already have prior training, it may be easier to get a fellowship position and then, once you know the consultants, they may be able to help you applying to the RACP (Royal Australasian College of Physicians).

  11. The annual salary depends on your level and the salary award conditions per state. In Queensland, Level 1 registrars have an average salary of 80,000 AUD per year.

  12. hi sir i done my md from russia now experience in paeds 4 years now want to apear in corse or work in australia plz guide me accordingly

  13. I will complete my HMO PGY 2 in february 2013. I have passed the AMC 1 and have a limited registration. I will be taking AMC 2 in August. I wish to pursue a career in Paediatrics. Please advise me how to proceed.

  14. Hi! I have just completed my MBBS from India.I have done 1 year internship.I have now registered for my AMC exams.I would like to know how do go about applying for my post graduation in Paediatrics?some colleges offer me a 2 year course while some say it’s 6 year course.I’m searching for paediatrics-medicine/general.
    Please could you advise me.

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