Apr 152011


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Australia: A Guide for International Medical Graduates
A must-read roadmap to success for any International Medical Graduate considering to practice in Australia!
  • written by an IMG who has firsthand experience
  • in-depth step-by-step explanation of pathways
  • insider tips on writing a curriculum vitae

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  2 Responses to “Adult Retrieval – Victoria”

  1. I am Dr. Claire Sunio-Aguirre, married, 32 yrs of age, a Filipino citizen and currently working as an Anesthesiologist at the Gregorio T Lluch Community Hospital, in Iligan City, Philippines. I was a graduate of a medical school (MINDANAO STATE UNIVERSITY-College of Medicine) listed on the FAIMER-IMD and WHO and finished my residency training in Anesthesiology at a flagship hospital of our country (UP-PGH) also listed at FAIMER-IMD and WHO.

    I plan to work in your area but I need to know the steps that I had to take before going there and I need to have a job waiting for me there in your area. This is to avoid unnecessary wastage of money and effort.

    Feel free to contact me at my email: claire100978@yahoo.com or mobile phone: 00 63 9178232745

    Looking forward to hear from you the soonest!

  2. hello
    thank you for your nice information
    i am sam from iran but i graduated medicine last april 2011 in filippines .here in philippines they have PGIship(post graduate intenrship) this is aditional year which in american system they wil not accept it i would like to know for applying in australia hospital is it nessesary to have PGI ship or not? i dont have any working experiance. can u please help me what shold i do and how can i apply for job and other things.my eamil is add:samirafazeli@yahoo.com
    i am wating for your reply
    thank you

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