Nov 172011
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Australia: A Guide for International Medical Graduates
A must-read roadmap to success for any International Medical Graduate considering to practice in Australia!
  • written by an IMG who has firsthand experience
  • in-depth step-by-step explanation of pathways
  • insider tips on writing a curriculum vitae

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  3 Responses to “Clear as Mud: Surviving the Journey through the Australian Healthcare system as an IMG”

  1. Today, if you are an IMG

    1. Australian born medical graduate
    2. International Medical student graduate of australian medical school.
    3. Favoured countries of the English speaking background world-”competent” countries, plus Singapore, Malaysia, Japan
    4. Australian citizens and PR from non English speaking world.
    5. non PR from non Favoured countries and NESB.

    This are the tiers for acceptance in this country.

    Find that an Australian citizen/PR from NESB and graduated from non Favoured countries are ranked next to bottom. See how dirty is the mud when it comes to inclusion in the workforce.

  2. We need Luck and Prayers, tons of it and of course guidance and advice from people who made it all the way to the system.

  3. Dr Glay Blue,

    I didn’t know the ‘mud was so think’.

    I thought if one had the proper degrees/training they could apply to the AMB for a Limited Registration, then get a trainee type supervised medical job until they had their AMC.
    Then they could get AMB General Registration and after that they could be in a position to be accepted in the area they might choose?

    I seems there are many Hoops to jump through.

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