May 132013
Dear Colleagues,
Please consider signing our group letter response to the Medical Board’s proposed changes to the Specialist and Competent Authority pathway as well as our call for a moratorium on the deregistration of IMGs based on their inability to pass specialist exams.  We are gravely concerned that hundreds and possibly thousand of IMGs are at risk of deregistration in the near future.  According to the National Law, IMGs can only reapply for the same position three times.  If they fail to get their Australian  qualifications within that time frame they will likely be asked to reapply from scratch,  In any case this will likely involve taking part one of the AMC exam and/or a PESCI.
An alternative to the specialist written exams is workplace based assessment.  We are asking the Medical Board to halt any further cancellation of registration of IMG specialists registration until such time that WBA’s are put in place as per the Lost in the Labyrinth’s recommendations.
If you are an IMG specialist you can not afford not to get involved in this issue!
We are trying to get as many signatures as possible for our group letter.  We are also asking that people write individual letters to the Medical Board about these issues.  The deadline for response is May 30!
If you would like to add your name please state your name, specialty and the city/region where you work.  This is an open letter so the letter with the accompanying signatures will be published on our face book page and in the public domain.
We are still open to suggestions re the letter including people to Cc to.
I would like to thank you in advance for your support,
Kind regards,
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