Aug 182013

Click on the links to download the pdf flyer:


BarwonHealthGee_17_July_2013 TheSan_12_July_2013 MonaVale_ManlyHosp_25_July_2013 EchucaRegHealth_24_July_2013 BrisbaneNthsideEmerg_24_July_2013 Peninsula_Health_9_August_2013 CanberraHospandHealthServ_6_August_2013 CentralCoLHD_8_Aug_2013 AucklandDHB_14_August_2013 SouthernDHB_31_July_2013 PeninsulaHealth_6_August_2013


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Australia: A Guide for International Medical Graduates
A must-read roadmap to success for any International Medical Graduate considering to practice in Australia!
  • written by an IMG who has firsthand experience
  • in-depth step-by-step explanation of pathways
  • insider tips on writing a curriculum vitae

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