We are an online community of International Medical Graduates in Australia. Though we may come from different countries, races and religions, we all try to help and support one another.

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  1. Hi. I am an IMG and have not come across this site before.
    Can you tell me more about yourselves or the site?

  2. We cater to IMG’s who would like to try to practice in Australia. When we first tried applying, there was very little information on the internet or from our friends or even from recruitment agencies.

    This is our small way of helping and paying it forwards. We have helped qute a few people whether they actually pushed forwards with their plan or went a different pathway.

  3. Too true – not enough accurate information.
    Is the website simply for information or does it concern itself with the actual policies surrounding IMGs?
    At this point I should declare an interest in working to end s19AB ( http://www.australiandoctor.com.au/articles/80/0c068780.asp )

  4. This website has mostly been set-up for information purposes, but we have touched up on the issue of the 10-year moratorium on an article before. Individually though, we were previously involved in a group called ANZAID which was the group supposed to represent IMGs around australia and to supersede AMGANZ. Everyone became too busy with individual training needs hence the group did not prosper.

    AMA and RACGP, I think, were the 2 main proponents of abolishing s19AB. There is another group that supposedly represents IMGs, but I haven’t been able to communicate with them.

  5. I wasn’t aware of ANZAID nor AMGANZ.
    RDAA also called for the abolition of s19AB.
    The IMG representative group was the ADTOA, I think.
    I would be quite happy to discuss some of these issues privately by email – if you wished to.
    My desire is to form a broad coalition amongst IMGs (or OBDs – Overseas-Born Doctors – as I prefer (and is more accurate) to call us). In this way we might help eachother out to the maximum.

  6. Hi Admin,

    I’ve seen that you’re an ED specialist, I my self is interested in that field as well. I’m just wondering is there any private practice after becoming a specialist? Can a specialist have his own private practice?


  7. any one preparing for PESCI
    im sitiing soon

  8. I am an international medical graduate.I passed AMC mcq examination on December 2012 and i have a IELTS band score 7.I am a permanent resident of Australia.I did not completed my internship at my couuntry.Now i want to complete my internship at Australia.How i can apply for internship?And what are the chances i am gonna have chance for internship at Australia?

  9. I am IMg from Brazil, have 2 years overseas experience, just Passed MCQ and IELTS.(standard pathway. I have no Australia experience.
    1) How to get the 12 months rotation ?
    2) if I do the amc clinic will be easy for me to get the 12 month rotation ?
    3) if I stay in my homecountry until I complete 5 years experience will be easy to get a job?
    3.1) If I had 5 years experience do I still need the 12 month OZ rotation,(I think so) but most of jobs on Seek are hiring without it.. so do not know if I should try rotation (and where) or if I should stay get more years of overseas experience and try after that. Or if I should try the clinic in between..
    After the MCQ, I am a bit lost about how to start the career in Australia.

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