Download the ebook – Australia: A Guide for International Medical Graduates

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A must-read roadmap to success for any International Medical Graduate considering to practice in Australia!
  • written by an IMG who has firsthand experience
  • in-depth step-by-step explanation of pathways
  • insider tips on writing a curriculum vitae

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  23 Responses to “Download the ebook – Australia: A Guide for International Medical Graduates”

  1. The IELTS requirement mentioned in the guide is 7.5. However, registration with medical boards only requires IMGs to have IELTS band 7 in all 4 components of the test. Anyway correct me if I am wrong. Here is the recent check I made on AHPRA website.

  2. Thanks for checking on that. At least I know that people actually read the ebook! I will change it.

  3. Hi I have cleared AMC MCQ and OET but I am not able to find any job. could anyone guide me regarding how to approach with hospital?

  4. hi everyone..
    i am considering to clear amc part one in september.
    could anyone help me with a study plan?
    which is the most important book?
    best regards

  5. Hi Jolly patel,
    How have you gone about finding work?
    I have cleared both parts of AMC along with IELTS…n im still not able find any work…
    If you have landed on sum let me know how to go about job hunting..
    Thank you

  6. Pardon, is the ebook still available for downloading?

  7. Yes, I have now fixed the link.

  8. Dear Rivindi posted on 10th Jan 2012. I am the HR/recruiter for a network of General Practices that are owned and operated by a local doctor. He currently has 8 operational general practices located throughout QLD. I noticed you mention you have past AMC MCQ and clinical (both parts AMC) and IELTS. It appears you have not worked yet in Australia. You would need your 12 months of supervised practice and then would be eligible for general registration. Would you be interested in general practice? I can discuss further with you if you like. You may contact me at

    Looking forward to hearing from you –

  9. I may be able help you with an afterhours GP practice located in Brisbane. Email me with your CV at

  10. The pdf gives an error saying file damaged when I open it. Tried it twice.
    Can someone verify whats the issue or pass me an original pdf…
    ? Let me know my mail id is pp(dot)

  11. hi…I have finished IELTS with an overall score of 8 (listening8.5,reading 8.5,speaking 7,writing 7.5) and AMC part 1,I have worked as a Resident medical officer for 2 years now in internal medicine department..I am currently looking for a job in Australia…If you can help please contact me ,my email is

  12. Hello,

    I have cleared IELTS with the reqd band of 7 in all modules, but i can you share the guide or preparation materials required to clear amc mcq


  13. Hi .. i cleared AMC mcq and OET. I have 4 years general practice experience. How to find GP jobs or other jobs in Australia. I want help from you.

  14. Hi! I passed MCQ and IELTS, have 5 years experience of GP (includind 2 years of internship), looking for a job… If you can help, please, contact me on Thanks!

  15. is it possibile to write amc mcq test without ielts?i am planning to apply for amcmcq and then to write ielts…please give a rply..thank you

  16. Hi! i passed both AMC exams and OET ….unfortunately im not able to find a job yet.
    i would realy appreciate it if anyone can solve this dilemma :) thanks

  17. Hello!
    In your quick guide on this website you don’t mention the clinical examination at all… I passed the AMC MCQ exam and am waiting for my IELTS results. I was planning to do the clinical examination next, but now I am a bit confused and wondering whether I should apply for a job straight away. What do you think? Does it make more sense to do the clinical exam or is that not even necessary? But won’t I need to pass the clinical exam in order to get registration in Australia?
    Any answers to this would be much appreciated!!!!

  18. Hi,

    Anyone can help me out with PESCI in WA?Appreciate if drop a line here

  19. Hi, I have passed AMC MCQ. I have 14 year GP experience in my home country(Pakistan). Now i want to work in Australia as supervised GP. How to find Supervised GP job?


  20. Hi!i ve also passed amc part i and OET recently.Can anybody help me where should i look and contact to have job?i have tried through website in internet no reply atall.

  21. i ve 1 year intership ,1.5 ysr experience in general surgery and 1.5 ysr experience in orthopedic as house officer and 3 yrs ms degree and about 10 months registrarship in there any vacancy for for RMO for orthop or any job?help me

  22. Hi,
    can ANY one help me out for getting amc exemption.
    I am working in uk ,graduate of pakistan. australian passport holder.
    whats the way to get exemption. I did read amc competent authority pathways but need help.
    many thanks

  23. Hi,
    I am about to take the AMC MCQ exam. Unfortunately even though my overall in IELTS was 8, I got a 6.5 in one of the bands, so I will take it again.

    I know it may seem like I am getting to ahead, but I am already living in Australia and I am married, so I need to start working ASAP (By the way, I am from Mexico). So, let’s say I pass the AMC MCQ which I am attempting to take on February, and get a more acceptable score on IELTS next time. What comes next?

    I know that I must take the clinical, but it takes a while to schedule it as far as I know… I have heard many things, about me having to do my internship again, etc. Again, as far as I know, I can apply for a job as a junior doctor..??? If this is true… do I just apply to as many jobs I see for junior doctors? Do I have to wait for a spacial date to go in? Does it have to be in a special teaching hospital, or can it be in another place?

    Please, I’d appreciate any help that you could provide. I am a bit stressed about thinking I have to be sitting on the side lines for another whole year or so after taking AMC MCQ.

    Thank you.

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