Jul 312011

The Royal Victorian Eye & Ear Hospital is again offering an Eye and ENT Emergency Workshop for A.C.E.M. Trainees and Fellows and A.S.E.M. members. The seminar will run over 2 days Thursday 1st and Friday 2nd September 2011. In addition, there will be an optional practice examination on Eye / ENT emergencies (VAQs and SAQs) for pre fellowship trainees.

Eye and Ent Emergency Seminar 2011

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Jun 012011
QLd HEalth
RMO2012 Campaign opens on Tuesday 21 June 2011 and will remain open till Monday 18 July 2011.
Information on the Campaign is available at the following site:


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Mar 012011

25-26 March 2011

Hilton Sydney, Australia

Please see attached flyer for more details.

Emergency Ultrasound Workshops ASUM


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Feb 252011

General Paediatrician: Alice Springs Hospital

Paediatric Registrar: Alice Springs

Alice Springs Hospital is the only major hospital covering a catchment area of ~1,000,000 square km, which is literally “Bigger than Texas”. We care for some of the nation’s sickest and most socially disadvantaged people. Issues of Indigenous child health and welfare have been much publicised and politicised in recent years so further elaboration is unnecessary. The central desert region of Australia is unique. The lifestyle is laid back with an emphasis on outdoor activities and the arts. It is a friendly, welcoming place especially suited to anyone with a sense of adventure and those interested in “fourth world” health issues, not generally seen by most doctors in Australia.

We have 5 consultant positions with a strong commitment to teaching. Services include a 40 bed dedicated paediatric ward, an 8 bed SCN with ventilation and NO facilities and access to ICU beds as required. We also have a dedicated paediatric Out Patient area. There is opportunity for Outreach work .We have 6 Registrar positions the majority of which are filled by Advanced Trainees.

We offer trainees:

  • Exposure to Aboriginal Health
  • a spectrum of diseases you have probably only read about
  • severity of diseases unlikely to be encountered in major cities.

You will have opportunities to:

  • better understand the nexus between social environment and disease
  • visit remote communities and retrieve patients with the RFDS
  • complete community and rural training requirements for general paediatrics
  • complete projects
  • accept increasing responsibility for patient management.

We provide:

  • good consultant cover
  • commitment to teaching and supervision
  • a good roster.

Preference will be given to candidates seeking 12 month appointments.

Working in paediatrics at Alice Springs is challenging. At times the work here is hard and confronting. The flip side is that it offers opportunities to make a difference to patients’ lives which you probably don’t get in many places.

Starting date and length of contract flexible. Terms negotiable. Locums welcome.

If you have read this far, please contact: Rose Fahy, Paediatrician via email at rose.fahy@nt.gov.au or on Ph: +61 8 8951 7777 or on MOB: 0419 813 257.


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Feb 242011

Paediatrician: Canberra
Leading to long term locum or permanent General/Neonatal Paediatrician

There exists the opportunity from early 2011 for a position as medium to long term locum or permanent general paediatrician in Canberra. The position is attached as a private Visiting Medical Officer (VMO) to Calvary John James Hospital which operates a private maternity unit, delivering approximately 1100 babies per year. The Special Care Nursery caters for Level 2 neonates from 32 weeks gestation. This nursery happily caters for neonates with the usual neonatal conditions including mild to moderate respiratory distress, up to and including, short term CPAP. The Level 3 nursery at Canberra Hospital is 4 km away.

The opportunity also exists for the associated VMO placement in general paediatrics at The Canberra Hospital on call approximately 1:5. A subspeciality interest is welcome but not necessary. There is an urgent need for more general ambulatory paediatric cover in Canberra and a practice as busy as you wish is easy to establish. There is good support in most subspecialities and paediatric surgery.

If interested, please contact Dr Tim McDonald on MOB: 0410 511 831 or via the link to Calvary John James Hospital at www.calvaryjohnjames.com.au.


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Feb 112011

Locum Positions – Queensland

Director, Rehabilitation, The Wesley Rehabilitation Centre

Reference: S003/11 The Wesley Hospital Spinal and Chronic Pain Rehabilitation Centre was established in 2000. The program accepts outpatients from WorkCover, CTP Insurance companies, Department of Veteran’s Affairs and from referred patients covered by private medical funds.

Program Goals:
• Improve physical functioning
• Facilitate a return to daily activities or work duties
• Improve pain control using supervised improvement of general fitness and adaptive coping strategies
• Promote a drug free lifestyle

Required Qualifications:

• Fellowship of the Royal Australasian College of Surgeons (RACS)
• Fellowship of the Faculty of Pain Medicine (ANZCA)
• Fellowship of the Australian Faculty of Rehabilitation Medicine (RACP)

In this role you will be required to attend one weekly session of four consecutive hours as well as:

• Patient consultations
• Case conferences
• Team meetings
• Educational lectures
• Providing reports to referring doctors
• General promotion of the programs

For more information please contact Dr. Luis Prado, Director of Medical Services, on 07 3232 7926.
Address: Human Resources, PO BOX 499, Toowong QLD 4066
Email: wesley.jobs@uchealth.com.au.

Applications close: 28 February 2011

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Feb 042011

Royal Hobart Hospital (Tasmania)

Looking for emergency registrars / trainees:


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Feb 042011

Here’s the link to the PMCV. The PCMV is involved in the recruitment and placement of both Australian-trained doctors and IMG’s into Victorian hospitals. They conduct the state-wide application process every year, around June-July.


They have a whole section on IMG’s and have an orientation handbook that can be downloaded here:


The PMCY has copyright to it. I do not claim it as my own. I am publishing it here to make it easier for everyone to access.

I’ve looked at it myself and it might be helpful for those of you who have taken the AMC MCQ and are starting out in Victoria as a doctor.

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Jan 302011
galen medical

This is the long-delayed review of the MyMBS App by Galen Medical based in Melbourne, Australia. It is an App developed for doctors, nurses and proceduralists.

First off, what is the MBS? The Medicare Benefits Scheme or MBS, is a listing of the Medicare services subsidised by the Australian government. Most hospitals have a thick white book that one can flip through to look for the MBS item. However, for those who have internet access in their surgery/ practice/ hospital ward, you can alternatively find the MBS list available online  at http://www9.health.gov.au/mbs/search.cfm .

So, the MBS is already available in a book and online! Who needs the iPhone App then?

You would need the thick white book if you don’t have an internet connection or you don’t have an iPhone (or don’t know how to use one), otherwise, you can keep the book underneath the table of your beloved administrative officer.

How about internet access versus the myMBS iPhone App? This is where it gets tricky.

Sure, the MBS is available on the Australian Government Department of Health and Ageing website, BUT, you will need a computer terminal (which more often than not is occupied by your favorite person in the ward doing facebook) or a Smart Phone with internet access (if you can get a signal in the bowels of your lead-lined hospital or out-of-coverage country practice).

With the MyMBS app, you only download it once (hence no need for a constant internet connection) but get free updates the same way you would have with the offical MBS website.

Now, we go to the nitty-gritty of the myMBS App:

The search function of the myMBS app is pretty straightforward, just like the one on the offical MBS website. However, I would have liked the search function to be able to offer nearest word / spelling. We all make mistakes in spelling every now and then, whether it may be from mistyping on the iphone or just plain bad spelling.

Good clean interface. I like the colored tabs to make things easier to navigate.

Very useful favorites function so you can keep a quick reference for your common procedures. It would be nice to incorporate some of the calculator function to the favorites (e.g. – all the dollar values inside a folder should be added up together so that you just add the subtotal to another procedure / or set of procedures that you might do.

This is probably the main selling point of this app – adding up MBS items without touching a calculator! I do have some gripes about it. Whenever you add more to list of calculations, you always have to go through the list again from the add item button. I think it would be better if you just click a checkbox next to the MBS item that you need to add it on the list instead of going back and forth – too many thumb movements for me! (think of it as mouse clicks – the less the better). [correction, there is an additional calculator icon on certain items so that you can add them to the calculation panel without going through the add item box]. In addition, as I said earlier, having your favorite grouped items added together already and being able to choose it from the add item button would make wonders.

Another feature I would like to see is the ability to save the calculations or list for future reference. A further step would be to upload the list to a server so you can audit it again at some point.


4/5  Stars: Almost perfect for what it was made for but I envision a few tweaks that would make it a killer app!

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Jan 222011

I am currently reviewing the MyMBS app by Galen Medical. I would like to offer our readers the chance to download the app themselves for free using a promotional code from Galen Medical – provided you give me a few of your thoughts about the app.

Please email webmaster@AustralianIMG.com your name and email address and I will forward the promotional code to you.

Check out the MyMBS App at the App Store:




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